Students need learning experiences and materials that center their HUMANITY, JOY, IMAGINATION and GROWTH; and so do their teachers!

Our sessions are reflective learning experiences that encourage educators to build on what they are already doing well in order to make shifts in practices to ensure the identities of students of color are honored and affirmed in school.

All sessions are customized to meet the needs of the school or organization.

Signature Session: 

The L.I.F.E Framework: Connecting Students Lives to the Curriculum  

The purpose of this session is for educators to:

  • Connect the standard curriculum to their students' lives
  • Support students with applying literacy skills in meaningful ways so they can tap into their "why" for learning
  • Employ our culturally responsive resources to support their lesson planning
    Examine and shift beliefs and practices so they are culturally inclusive

Additional Session Topics:

    • Culturally Relevant Literacy Instruction
    • Addressing Implicit Biases
    • Issues of Race and Racism in Education
    • African American Language
    • Diversity in Content Area Literacy
    • Critical Multicultural Literature
    • Culturally Relevant Literacy

Our instructional resources are designed so educators can seamlessly embed practices that tap into the cultural resources of students, and lift up the histories and narratives that are affirming.

Instructional resources we have developed are:

Stories of Excellence: Pre-Sale Begins March 2023!

          • Supplemental literacy instructional materials for Social Studies and ELA
          • Engaging content that centers Black History and Excellence in Social Studies topics
          • Content-area literacy resource that connects students' lives to the curriculum
          • Created by and for classroom teachers
          • Our instructional resources are designed to support


L.I.F.E. Framework

Curricular resources that provide opportunities for students to engage in content in ways that interests them, are meaningful, affirming, and develops critical understandings around topics. The L.O.V.E. Framework can be paired with any content area to increase student success and achievement.

Curriculum and Course Design

Work with us to design a custom curriculum or course to meet your intended learning outcomes for culturally responsive teaching and learning.

Transformational Professional Learning for Teachers that Fosters Caring and Equitable Learning Experiences for Students

Time Efficient

We offer workshops for grade level teams during their planning period (in-person & online).

Lesson Plan Ready

Our instructional materials are seamlessly integrated into instruction and designed to align with lesson plan templates.

Standards Aligned

Our materials not only align with Common Core ELA (Reading and Writing), Social Studies, & SEL Standards, but go beyond the standards for deep and meaningful