Beliefs Matter

What we believe about students influences the way we teach them.

What do you believe?

Culture in the Classroom

Students' racial and cultural identities must be affirmed during the learning process.

How are you affirming your students' identities?

Professional Learning Reimagined

Examining beliefs and practices is crucial for cultural relevant and anti-racist teaching.

Are you a critically reflective educator?

Beliefs Matter

What we believe about students influences the way we teach them.

What do you believe?

Bridging the Gap Between Culturally Relevant Theory and Practice

Thornton Educational Consulting, Specializes In

Professional Learning

Our transformational professional learning supports educators with embracing culturally relevant beliefs and practices.

Instructional Resources

Our instructional resources highlight the history and excellence of Black and Brown communities, and are designed to support teachers with culturally responsive instruction to foster academic achievement for all students.

Curriculum & Course Design

We design customizable curriculum and courses to meet the needs and learning goals of schools and organizations

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"Revolutionary Love: Creating a Culturally Inclusive Classroom"



I liked the passion you have for the topic because it made your presentation naturally engaging. Your presentation made me reflect on how I build relationships with my students and how I must remain intentional in doing so, especially in a virtual setting.

Dr. Thornton opened my eyes with the type of children’s literature she shared during her presentation. Her literature choices and small group activities helped me break down my thoughts when choosing literature to suit my students’ socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Dr. Thornton’s session helped me to look at things in a different light. Especially the way we look at our students and how to teach them. Learning about culturally relevant teaching caused me to reflect on my beliefs, so I can say this session was very impactful.