Stories of Excellence


“...if education does not enhance the well-being of the people involved in the process, then we cannot accurately identify it as education”.
- Dr. Na’im Akbar

Stories of Excellence

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Build literacy skills and engage in deeper learning with our Stories of Excellence© cards! Stories of Excellence© is a rich supplemental resource that supports content area literacy while highlighting Black history and excellence. Our materials are engaging for students of all ages and are:

  • Aligned to National ELA and Social Standards
  • Hands-On and Engaging
  • Organized by Topic
  • Seamlessly implemented in ELA or Social Studies Block

Literacy activities align with our L.O.V.E. Framework and support students with making relevant connections to their lives and interests! The L.O.V.E framework is culturally responsive and connects to 21st literacy skills such as critical thinking, writing, communication, and social responsibility.

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Branches of Government

Revolutionary War

Economic Understandings

Harlem Renaissance

World War II


  • Aligned with Social Studies and ELA Standards
  • 3 Reading Passages and 4 Writing assignments
  • Can be utilized for across 1 - 4 weeks of lesson activities
  • Standard aligned Writing and Presentation Rubrics
  • ELA Anchor Charts

What’s Included

  • 18 Cards (3 cards in sets of 6)
  • Each card includes a reading/writing response
  • Rubrics for each activity
  • Printable Response Sheet for each activity
  • Teacher Guidance Document
  • ELA Anchor Charts

Can be Used For

  • Small group or Center time
  • Writing Assignments
  • Research Projects
  • Mini Units
  • Presentations
  • And Much More!

Purchasing Details

Students and teachers of all racial backgrounds benefit from learning about the history and excellence of Black Americans. These passages are designed to highlight the excellence and cultural strengths of Black people which is different from the common societal narratives perpetuated about Black people. These stories can promote awareness, understanding, and a more justice-oriented lens of the world as students explore the histories and experiences of others from a racial background that differs from their own.

Keep in mind, these passages and strategies are designed to honor the truth and rich legacy of Black people, so they must be taught and discussed in a way that truly honors that intent and with a purpose of developing understanding and appreciation of Black history and life in America.

Our Culturally Responsive L.O.V.E Framework is embedded in the readers so students connect to the Social Studies content in ways that are relevant to them!

  • Engaging stories and colorful illustrations of important people, unsung heroes, and pivotal events
  • Consumable readers for students highlight, annonatle, and complete their assignments in
  • Connects content to students interests and experiences
  • Develops 21st literacy skills such as critical thinking, writing, creating presentations, communicating, and social responsibility
  • Good for: Small Group Work, Mini Units, Research Projects, Writing Instruction, Presentations, and much more!

All of our resources are aligned to National ELA and Social Studies standards for seamless implementation for busy teachers!

  • Teacher Resource Guide includes lesson plans and rubrics
  • Prompts to engage in discussions with students around the Social Studies topics
  • Teaching slides and anchor charts